HTML Development Training

In the world of coding, HTML forms the foundation. It is the primary coding methodology from where begins the journey in generating engaging website. There is a lot of job openings for HTML developers in the market. This increase in competition and wide opportunities presented in the field of HTML makes it one of the most sought coding languages among users.

Tech Spakes Training provides the perfect platform for HTML Developer online training program allowing students to gain a complete understanding of its intricacies sitting in the comfort of their home. Now master the science of coding common HTML tags, structure HTML pages, generate tables and forms using the foundational language of coding i.e. HTML.

Who is an HTML Developer?

HTML Developers are responsible for building end to end coding of websites. The work includes providing technical support to website users, development of web-based applications, direct projects, testing websites, and its background codes. As an HTML Developer, your work is not just limited to coding but also work with graphic designers and content developers in generating the perfect web page. On the job front, HTML Developers take up self-employment or as freelancers on a project to project basis.

Why Choose Tech Spakes Training?

Apart from the opportunity of learning sitting in the comfort of your home or office, our HTML Developer online training program presents a myriad of benefits:

Flexible lecture schedules
Go through recorded lectures and PDF
Work on real-time projects to gain a concrete idea about the intricacies of website development
Gain mentorship with industry experts who hold years of experience
Technical assistance round the clock
Internship opportunities
Make yourself job-ready gaining complete knowledge of the subject

With a comprehensive syllabus, we at Tech Spakes Training listed among the best HTML developer online trainers cover every topic from point to point.

A sneak peek into the syllabus

Apart from the opportunity of learning sitting in the comfort of your home or office, our HTML Developer online training program presents a myriad of benefits:

● HTML–Hypertext Markup Language programming is the foundation language of coding. Learn semantics, guides on tags, attributes, edit, and troubleshoot.
● CSS –Cascading Style Sheets describes the nuances of displaying elements on screen, and media. Learn to different versions of CSS, control layout, external style sheets.
● Bootstrap–An open-source and free CSS framework, it is used to develop responsive and front-end web development. Learn to design templates, forms, typography, tables, navigation, modals, image carousels on tablets, phones, and desktops.
● Media query –Fundamentals of responsive web design, customization of website appearance based on sizes and resolution.
● Cross-platform and devices– Learn how to implement cross-platform software in multiple devices.

Company Overview

Tech Spakes Training is one of the most experienced and professionally managed company which provides IT training in Haryana with the support of strong technical team in a creative manner to its clients. Tech Spakes offer you a wide range of smart repertoire of internet marketing, website designing & development, technical courses Haryana, digital marketing, SEO and many other courses.

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