Linux Administrator Training

Linux is a popular OS that is used extensively across different platforms like server, mobile, and desktop too. When it comes to choosing a hosting platform, Linux Admin is considered the best medium. It is used to host email, applications, web as well as databases. It is also used by most famous companies like Amazon, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Facebook, Google, etc. This makes it the most demanding career choice and openings. Linux Admin online training program by Tech Spakes Training provides an exclusive opportunity to skill up your expertise gaining the best training.

Course Description

Linux Admin online training program is crafted for beginners who want to build their expertise in Linux and make a career in IT. Users are presented with all the essential training to make a success in the field of IT and Linux.

Objectives of the program

Presenting our best Linux Admin online training program aids you in becoming a Linux Admin expert. Instructors will assist you in gaining knowledge of the following:

Package management
Process Monitoring.
User Administration
Installation and Initialization
Server Configurations
File System Security and Management
Database Configuration
Security and Networking Concepts

Advantages of joining our program

With the best Linux Admin online training program, you will be exposed to exclusive learning mechanisms through our comprehensive curriculum. Our modules are designed with a mix of practical learning and case studies. Some of our training features are as follows:

• Forum Access (We have a community forum that facilitates users to learn through interactions and gain a deeper knowledge of the subject.)
• Assignments to gain proficiency (Our classes follow a systematic approach including practical assignments covering a few aggregate hours.)
• Interactive instructor-user sessions(Access to interactive instructor-user sessions online through video lectures. You can also schedule your lectures based on the flexibility of learning.)
• Case Studies(Work on live projects from selected case studies wherein you can implement Linux based concepts.)
• Support by Experts (We at TechSpakes are present for you to provide the best learning experience. You can gain round the clock support from our experts online to get your process right and its application.)
• Certification(After completing the module, you will get a chance to work on projects. Tech Spakes Training certifies you as a Linux Admin expert after you have completed the entire module and topics.)

What will you learn in the program?

The program covers the following topics:

Introduction to Linux OS
Managing Linux process
Linux command execution
Assigning IP address and configuration
Adding and removing Linux Modules

Become a powerful Linux Admin developer and become ready to take up high paying jobs at corporates and IT world.

Company Overview

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Our Vision

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