Graphic Designer

Tech Spakes Training presents a series of courses to upgrade your skills and explore them on the job front. Graphic Designer online training program by Tech Spakes Training offers the perfect medium to expand your skills on what wonders you can perform on an image. A website is not just a makeup of codes and designs. There is a lot that goes into making it a perfect picture for users. This work is put up by Graphic Designers who deal with the image editing part of the website.

If you too are interested in making your career in the field of graphic design, then we at Tech Spakes Training are here to help you. Our Graphic designer online training program in Gurgaon is offered online which provides complete flexibility covering the varied dimensions of graphic designing.

What is the advantage of the Graphic Designer online training program?

Our team at Tech Spakes Training comprise of well-experienced trainers from the industry who hold years of expertise. With a blend of theory and practical methodology, you bring you the medium to kickstart your career. Get acquainted with different graphic design applications, communicate and add value to your message.

What does the course cover?

Our online lecturers are scheduled in a manner that makes it easy for all the users to take the lectures without missing out on important topics. Enrolling to our graphic designer online training program assists you cover the following topics which include:

Introduction to Adobe Illustrator

(Basic structuring of logo creation, design cycle)

Elements and Principles of Design

(Learn about the basics and fundamental elements of designing. This includes composition, structuring organic and geometric form, color combination, craft usage, develop visual impact with utmost clarity.)

(Image editing, animation and editing typography

Learn the difference between digital and printed images. Gain knowledge of blending modes, layers, and how to photo manipulate images.)

(Summarization of Print in InDesign

This topic covers learning about typography, designing files in print, fundamentals of crop marks, bleed, color space, and formatting.)

Take away from the course

We at Tech Spakes Training provide comprehensive knowledge of Graphic design by equipping users with all the necessary skills. Our graphic designer online training program in India guides you through learning about key elements of designing, its processes, examining key design elements like shape, line, form, and texture. Enroll to our program and transform yourself into a perfect graphic designer and make a mark in the world of visuals and images.

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