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WordPress Website Development

Why WordPress Website Development?

If Statistics are to be believed, WordPress is the most prominent website management or blogging system in use on the Web, supporting more than 60 million websites. This data alone is enough to convince the prospective Website owners to immediately look for the WordPress website developers. Why settle for static, lifeless websites when you can have a highly responsive, trending and fashionable website fully loaded with all the latest features, themes, and plugins.

Why WordPress Website Development?

Wordpress Development Process

Wordpress Development Process

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. It can be both either a software or a service. It can be fixed up at a web server that is either a part of Internet hosting service or the Hosting Company itself. What makes WordPress, unbeatable and irreplaceable are its unique and fascinating features.

  • Themes: WordPress has an enormous range of themes which offers the immense amount of scope to the developers to play with and with their creativity come up a unique website/Web page. These themes are nurtured in a way that they can be mingled with other themes resulting in a customized theme. Further classified themes can both Free & premium which is self-explanatory. Free themes are in built and Premium can be purchased from a marketplace.
  • Plugins: Plugin is another tool that contributes to the effortless functioning of the website. WordPress offers you 50,316 plugins to choose from and if that sound little less to you, another feature that allows the developers to customize the plugins comes to the rescue.
We present you with some of the WordPress Services we hand over:
  • Complete WordPress Installation & Configuration
  • Receptive WordPress Website development
  • Customised Plugins & Theme development
  • WordPress blog design & Development
  • Refurbish the existing Websites
  • Blog Amalgamation
  • E-commerce & Social Network assimilation
Wordpress Development Process

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Why Tech Spakes For Wordpress Website Development?

We indulge in brainstorming sessions to provide custom made WordPress Website development proposal. We study our Client’s Target audience and business objective & goals. We prioritize Search Engine optimization because we are well aware of its significance. From the existing marketing strategies to entire promotional plan, from carefully selecting the Keywords for essential search engine optimization to content site mapping. Our detail oriented team doesn’t leave any stone unturned. Apart from that, we acknowledge all the Visual requisites, website amendments, behavioral preconditioning and enrichment, uninterrupted and structured flow of information, we end up with a well-structured and equipped website with smitten website traffic.

We have listed some of the benefits which are sufficient to convince you why WordPress is godsend.
  • Spontaneous interface & convenient
  • Tailor-made themes & plugins
  • Open source Content Management System (CMS)
  • Intelligent Search engine optimisation(SEO)
Why Tech Spakes For Wordpress Website Development?

Why are we best?

Why are we best?
We are the best. And lets us tell you why?
  • We offer all possible options of WordPress website development.
  • We employ the best resources and expertise to provide our clients with the world class services on time & in a pre-defined budget.
  • We completely believe in creating a Responsive website. The time when iPhone, iPad & androids have replaced the computers, we ensure that the feature of optimal viewing across the wide range of screens is provided.
  • The world has seen 32 versions of WordPress, and we take immense in informing you that our team is well educated and fully equipped with its latest version i.e. Version 4.8, Evans.

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