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Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click

We, Tech Spakes implement and provide custom and targeted paid search optimization solutions, exclusively to increase your ROI. We understand the client requirements and preconditions of conversions and know how to follow and what steps need to take to reach the target market by following Pay per click (PPC) advertising techniques accurately; this all together helps us to provide 100% client satisfaction and delivers the outcome without any buzzer.

Our expert professionals are induced by data & equality that lets them behead pay per click (PPC) campaigns with a great focus hence delivering more conversions for relatively smaller spend.

Tech Spakes is leading startup PPC Company in India which concentrates how to attain maximum Pay per Click and how best we can provide to our clients in terms of services and facilities. We use it as an impressive advertising tool for our clientele when they wish to advertise their products and services through another site. Our clientele, who have their e commerce website, wants to give advertisement in other relevant websites and visitors who visit the website later click the ads of the former website.

Pay Per Click development company in gurgaon

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Why Tech Spakes For Pay Per Click?

Pay Per Click development services in gurgaon

There are abundance of ways of advertising your brand and company, but to figure out which is the best among in pay per click is the big pain point for any company. At Tech Spakes, we have understood how and what are the benefits of a well-designed pay per click advertising campaign and as of now we are all set to assist you to serve in the same way. This is one of the most economical techniques of handling the promotion of your website; this is also one of the easiest techniques for increasing traffic on your website.

At Tech Spakes, we thoroughly select the collective of mediums to use while creating the PPC campaigns. Rest we check and analyze depending on the client's objective & budget we classify what percentage mix of search, display, remarketing or PLA's would work for a specific client and according to this we take the appropriate decisions for the best outcome. This helps us in meeting the ROI expectations of the client.

Pay per click management is also introduced to as a cost per click, an online paid advertising model, which is used to pull out the traffic to your websites, in this method advertiser’s pay to the publishers when the ad is clicked. In other words, it is a process of getting and boosting traffic by advertisement on search engines like Google, bing, yahoo etc. Our services are custom based. We serve to our clients on the requirements and objectives, their goals, which associate detailed analysis reports.

We are the best Pay Per Click Management & Advertising service providers:-.

  • Initial Analysis and objectives setting: Once we recongnize and come to know later on we set up your goals and a plan of action, we create your campaign and start pulling new traffic to your website.
  • Keyword Research: We follow best practice and assure the campaign is having right keywords.
  • Creating Ad Copies: We do A/B testing and find optimized ad copies result best for your website.
  • Landing Pages Analysis: We recommend creating landing pages based on conversion rate optimization.
  • Cost and Budget for campaigns: We also take care of budget of our clients and assist them to choose, how much you need to spend every month.
  • Remarketing: We also focus retarget your existing customers or the customers who have already purchased products or avail services from you.
  • PPC Monthly Analysis: Our professional provides month-end analysis reports of campaign performance as well to the client, just to let them know the real picture at glance.
Pay Per Click development services in gurgaon

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